Building Me

I looked at the foundation my home was built upon and saw I no longer could justify its functionality. So, I tore it all down.

To start at ground zero with oneself with 2 little souls looking to your direction hasn’t been easy.

I’ve been reconstructing the frame and the time has come for the pouring of concrete.

I’ve been staring at the framing for sometime now, & second guess if it’s complete.

I see all the work put in and wonder if there is yet any detail I’ve forgot.

I see that if I keep staring at the frame work, the house will never be built.

So, I have to trust that since I’ve build my home on the Rock, a defect may always be there within my framework, but He will always cover me with His Blood. (My Homes insurance Policy)

The start of the concrete begins with myself first, then teach what I know to be truth to my children. When I’m done with what I know He has called me to do; the rest of my home will follow.


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