Still the same.  BUT

So it’s midway from this journey of pain for myself. I see that tomorrow will be day 17. I’ve decided to up the ante and start to run everyday. It’s to fight off the depression that’s coming. And it’s coming. I’ve fought depression most of my life and luckily I have prescription to help , but it’s not enough. I’m used to drugs to dump chemical substances into this jacked up brain of mine and it’s been gone for awhile. I need something to help. My energy level has been nonexistent. I feel like a 90 year old woman hobbling around. I feel achy climbing stairs, and really general movement at all.

BUT I feel like there is something that I stumbled onto by pure coincidence. I had a script for clonidine for my blood pressure years ago and I found out that it helps with Dts. So I’m going to take it tonite before bed to help with sleep. I think it will help me sleep to get some much needed rest. Rest is what will help me accomplish running 🏃.

I will update with results.  As for now, I’m still hurting everywhere, and my appetite isn’t really there. But, I am eating healthy when I do eat.

Wish me luck 😉



One thought on “Still the same.  BUT

  1. Is there a specific reason why you didn’t have your sub doc just prescribe clonidine and withdrawal help meds like a benzo and something for sleep? Or are you not with a doc? How’s it going?


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